CEO communication on LinkedIn for Walter annual review #bestofwalter

CEOs and executives are central figures for corporate communications and employer branding. Their public appearance and actions have a decisive influence on the image of a company. Positive and consistent CEO communication is becoming increasingly important for companies’ communication strategy. The best platform for this is currently LinkedIn, the largest professional networking hub in the world.

Our customer Walter from Tübingen used this potential and took a look back at the highlights of 2022 in a best-of-Walter series on LinkedIn. Christoph Geigges, the new President of Walter Tools, kicked off the event with a personal reflection on the past months.

The boss as an influencer: communicating values and building trust

Taking the step to position themselves publicly on a professional platform holds many opportunities for CEOs and executives. You can use it to communicate directly with key stakeholders such as customers, employees, investors and journalists – personally and unfiltered. By authentically presenting their own expertise and insights, executives build their own brand – #personalbranding. At the same time, CEOs build trust with stakeholders and strengthen the company’s credibility by publishing content that reflects the company’s values and goals. Regular and substantive communication on LinkedIn helps maintain and build your professional network at the same time.

thepublic® assists Walter Tools with LinkedIn annual review

As one of the world’s leading metalworking companies, our client Walter Tools communicates through a company page on LinkedIn. We were commissioned to provide text and graphics to help the social media team reflect on the past year in a retrospective – entertaining and informative. The goal was to showcase and celebrate all the highlights of the year in December in the form of 15 LinkedIn posts, some of which were interactive. From statements by the management to quiz questions for voting to topics such as sustainability or innovations at Walter, everything was included. Walter President Christoph Geigges took the opportunity to introduce the series with a personal management statement.

CEO-Kommunikation auf LinkedIn am Beispiel von Christoph Geigges, President der Walter AG
9. February 2023



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