The world’s largest sherry fiesta

During International Sherry Week, the whole world revolves around sherry wines: tastings in New York and Tokyo, a sherry cocktail contest in Peru – in more than 30 countries, over 2,500 events took place in one week in 2017. The Sherry Commission hopes to host more than 100 tastings, cocktail events, food pairings and private or public flavor expeditions with the wines from Jerez in Germany this year. As of today, events can be registered.

Organize and register an event
Hospitality and trade professionals or sherry aficionados: Anyone can become part of the worldwide sherry community and register their own event on the official website A Spanish evening with friends or a sherry tasting with guests, at the International Sherry Week everything is possible.

Win sherry wines for 1,000 euros
A selection of premium sherry wines worth 1,000 euros will be raffled among all organizers of public events. Event suggestions, food pairing tips, logos and graphics for download, posters and tasting notes, photos from 2017, and all the rules of the 2018 International Sherry Week competition can be found at

Discover the variety of aromas of the wines from Jerez
From the salty note of a chilled Manzanilla or Fino to the nutty aroma of an Amontillado or Oloroso, from the umami flavor of a Palo Cortado to the sweet-salty caramel of a Pedro Ximenez, there are far more flavors in sherry wines than sherry lovers can discover in just one week. The variety and special aromatics make the wines from Jerez a surprisingly perfect companion for a successful dinner or party evening.

The International Sherry Week 2018: Registration from today
International Sherry Week celebrates the flavor diversity of Andalusia this year from October 8th to 14th. Starting today, events can be entered with the hashtag #sherryweek. In October, then, the chances are good to be able to enjoy together with many sherry aficionados. Because in 2017, more than 15,000 posts with the hashtag #sherryweek generated more than 50,000 likes on Instagram alone, and on Twitter, 28 million users saw the hashtag.

13. August 2018



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