thepublic® visible and strong: with PR, Media Relations, Social Media, PRMarketing and Influencer Communications.

Communicating on equal terms with an audience of different groups and participants – this is how thepublic® sees PR Marketing. As businesses do not only have something to sell. Businesses also have something to say.

thepublic® burns for these sectors. Knows the salient topics and people. Reaches the right contacts and targets.


All innovations contain a lot of know-how and vision: we prepare complex topics for media use and make technology understandable and accessible.


Communicating for your own business: Sustainability, Employer Branding, Crisis Communications, Thought Leadership – we bring leaders and experts into position, turning them into spokespersons. With practice-oriented Media Training and Strategic Corporate PR.


Wine and food with a designation of origin: for journalists and influencers we focus on taste experiences and the knowledge about sustainability.


The power of the story: we captivate lifestyle journalists and stakeholders with powerful narratives and showcase people who live and love products.

thepublic® makes communication effective. With the right balance of Public & Media Relations. With digital Social Touchpoints that are strongly activating. With authentic and credible influencers. And, before things get precarious, with crisis prevention and change communications.


Public and Media Relations: thepublic® takes products and businesses into the media. With journalistic content and good contacts. Nothing is as good for credibility and visibility as editorial coverage.


Influencer Marketing and Social Media Interaction: thepublic® activates your direct contact to customers and stakeholders. thepublic® selects influencers as testimonials who are really convincing.


Crisis prevention and communication in crisis situations and change processes: thepublic® works with the power of personal dialogue and well-founded arguments. thepublic® has your back: 24/7.

Public Relations

With PR, thepublic® actively controls communications for businesses, brands and products. With relevant content for Earned, Paid, Owned and Shared Media. Addressing opinion leaders, decision makers and consumers at the right time in the right place: this can only be achieved with journalistic content.

Social Media Activation

Social networks are both communication and sales channels. thepublic® puts businesses in direct and active contact with their target groups on Social Media. Echte Dialoge durch relevante Themen und Stories. Real dialogue through relevant topics and stories. Social Advertising increases the reach and finds new followers and fans for brands and products.

Influencer Marketing

Emotional and credible. Micro influencers are more credible, macro influencers reach huge communities in the Social Web. The choice of the right partner is crucial. With the right influencers, thepublic® makes brands relevant and starts trends. Through personal contacts and Europe’s best influencer database, thepublic® makes the most of any budget: with reliable KPI results prognosis and scrupulous cost control.

Word-of-Mouth Campaigns

Recommendations by micro influencers are a very credible form of communication. thepublic® increases product visibility and brand appeal with WOM Campaigns. Real recommendations have a direct impact on sales and activate the dialogue with your target group – in all Social Media channels. And as a side effect, the resulting valuable user-generated content extends communications.

Content Marketing

Always thinking from the point of view of the recipient. Effective content must be relevant and structured in order to hit the nerve of the recipient. thepublic® is content specialist: for Owned, Earned, Paid and Shared Media. Journalistic content is always tailored to the channel, relevant to the target group and up-to-date.


Nothing is more interesting to the media than events. Personal and shared experiences have a powerful effect. Since 2005, thepublic® has devised and organised good events: press conferences, product launches, editorial visits, media events, masterclasses for food and wine professionals. Including society events with glamour factor and strong media presence.

Strategy and Communication of values

Values characterise thepublic® and our clients. Values deliver a crucial competitive difference. thepublic® takes a close look, asks questions and devises campaigns that really make values visible – in the long term, deliberately and effectively. Communication of values with an objective and a strategy instead of one-shot projects. This is the standard and added value of thepublic®.

Stakeholder Engagement

Active stakeholders have a lasting and positive impact on our cllients’ image. thepublic® strongly believes in the maintenance of personal contacts beyond media and journalists. thepublic® activates reputational networks. Industry analysts and key opinion leaders in politics and economy: from mayors and industry associations to members of the national parliament.

Trend and Risk Analysis

By monitoring competitors and communication benchmarking, thepublic® supports the alignment and control of your communications. thepublic® recognises trends and changes in attitude or in the market which are important for our clients’ communication strategies. To this end, thepublic® monitors and analyses media coverage according to targets and topics. In retrospect and Europe-wide, too.

thepublic® grows: every day through creative challenges, good solutions and ideas.

thepublic® wants more: good clients and projects. We want to grow sustainably without leaving behind our values, and with you.