thepublic® when collaborating with clients or as team.
Values work: Values shape businesses and brands. Values create distinction and inspire trust. Values are convincing and inspire loyalty.

Communicating values makes values strong.

Communicating values for brands and companies

Values shape identity.

Every well-positioned business and every brand has values and lives by them. Often these values are not communicated effectively. But real values make the difference in a competitive situation. Communicating values is the most effective ingredient for identity and success. Well written and well staged in the media by thepublic®, values send out a powerful message to our clients’ customers.

Values inspire trust.

In a world full of disruptive change and products on offer, reliability becomes a challenge. The communication of values creates long-term positioning. thepublic® builds up genuine confidence in brands, businesses and their staff. Values have both an external and an internal impact.

Values activate people.

Emotional ties turn brands, businesses and products into friends. Friends are people you talk to and talk about. And recommend out ouf conviction. thepublic® makes these recommendations visible in Social Media, Media and our clients’ own channels.

Values strenghten relationships.

thepublic® not only communicates values for brands and businesses. In the interaction between client and consultant, too, values promote communication that is built on trust. The value charter by thepublic® signed by all publicans is the basis for our special culture: trust, openness, honesty, loyalty and reliability are thepublic®’s core values.

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thepublic® believes in the value and the effect of personal relationships.

thepublic® speaks and writes in many languages: daily for German and international clients.

thepublic® has close personal friends

in seventeen owner-led agencies of the PR World Alliance network.

We communicate for many international clients in German, Austria and Switzerland. German clients strong in exports use our partner agencies in North and South America, Asia and Europe. Christian, Managing Partner of thepublic®, is on the Board of Directors of PR World Alliance. Seventeen owner-led PR agencies that share a personal basis of trust and value culture since 2005: Global Strategy, Local Knowledge

thepublic® is well-connected

as German partner of thenetworkone. This is the largest worldwide network of owner-managed independent communication agencies, with 1200 members on five continents.

The London-based network selected thepublic® alongside four other members in Germany. This is how we find the very agency in Texas, Indonesia or Uruguay which makes projects for our clients successful – with local industry insights and media contacts. This also works for niche markets with special know-how, such as metal surface treatment or minimally invasive medical technology.

thepublic® has a sister

For businesses in the USA and Europe, Joe Communications works as a transatlantic consultancy team, fully integrated on two continents. Beyond cultural divides and across time zones. Without information loss.
This is what Joe Communications say about themselves: Joe Communications is a transatlantic, strategic communications agency serving leading organizations in the United States and Europe. We protect and enhance brands, deeply engage stakeholders, and help our clients achieve measurable business outcomes.

makes brands visible and strong: with PR, Media Relations, Social Media and Influencer Communications.