4 Tips for successful B2B Influencer Marketing Strategy

B2C communication without influencer marketing has become almost unimaginable. It’s no wonder that advertising revenues here almost reach the billion mark. But the topic is also becoming increasingly important in specialized communication. And as with any new field, there are not yet paved paths for everything. One thing is clear, however: B2B influencers can also be used to get critical decision-makers on board. These 4 tips will help on the road to successful B2B influencer marketing:

Reach the right target audience
In B2C influencer marketing, KPIs such as reach and engagement play a central role. This way of measuring success cannot be easily transferred to B2B influencer marketing, where the main issue is to identify the right target group. B2B influencers often operate in their own “bubble,” where they position topics and messages to generate attention. Since they usually communicate as experts in their field, a high level of credibility is associated with them.

Find the right influencers
Selecting a B2B influencer can be complex and time-consuming. Especially with regard to the credibility of the influencer, it is important that the profile optimally fits the company and the product. For this reason, B2B influencers from one’s own environment, such as customers, business partners or employees, are well suited.

Use the right channels
LinkedIn, Instagram or better yet YouTube? When selecting external influencers, attention should also be paid to the suitability of the channels on which they operate. Where the target group is located plays a key role here. LinkedIn is well suited for B2B communication, but new channels such as TikTok or Clubhouse may also offer interesting opportunities in the future.

Plan enough time
More time should be allocated for B2B influencer marketing than for B2C campaigns. B2B buying decisions are often more nuanced and complex than consumer decisions. So it can take considerably longer for B2B influencer marketing to make an impact.

Frauke Schobelt writes more about the challenges of B2B influencer marketing in her article, check it out here: https://www.onetoone.de/artikel/db/679772vfa.html

1. September 2021



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