Pink Lady Apples: test magazine Öko-Test awards the label “good”

German consumers appreciate the unique taste and appealing color of Pink Lady apples. The Öko-Test awards the laber “good” which now gives German consumers peace of mind when choosing their apples out in the store.

As part of their 7-month long life cycle, Pink Lady apples need more time and sun for their proper growth on the tree. Not only is the ripening period is longer, but also the harvest is organized in several stages in order to pick only fully ripe fruit. Pink Lady apples originate from sustainable integrated farming with IFP (Integrated Fruit Production) certification. Around 700 hours of labor per hectare of orchard, or about 20 percent more than other varieties, ensure the unique color, flavor and texture of the apples.

Special apples from special terroirs

In addition, Pink Lady apples grow in Europe only in South Tyrol and Emilia Romagna in Italy, on the Loire and in southern France, and in Spain. There the Pink Lady apples find
the best soils and climates that allow a seven-month growing season frost-free. About 2,600 apple growers cultivate Pink Lady apples on 5,300 hectares. Therefore, the apple orchards are on average two hectares. In addition, most growers are family farms that also grow other apple and fruit varieties.

Non-profit association

Among the specific requirements of the Association Pink Lady Europe – a non-profit organization under French law based near Avignon – are five values that all members commit to upholding and promoting. That’s about 2,600 apple growers, 90 sorting and packing stations, 15 fruit distributors and 12 nurseries, all of which are equal members of the association.

Öko-Test awards grade “good

In addition, Öko-Test rated Pink Lady apples as “good” in its 09/2018 issue. The magazine is known for its test procedures and requirement criteria, most of which go far beyond legally required standards. The Öko-Test “good” label on Pink Lady apples now gives consumers even more assurance when choosing their favorite fruit.

17. November 2019



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