Meet the team

We are taking you behind the scenes at thepublic. In our “Meet the team” series we will introduce you to our consultants and give you insights into our everyday work.

Meike Grisson. Meike has been with the agency since 2009 and now runs it together with Christian.

What is the best thing about your job? What do you enjoy most?

The diversity in terms of industries and products, conquering new topics and the challenge of solving tricky communication situations.

When strategy and the organisation of projects and teams are added to the mix, I’m in. And when the chemistry with the client is good, I really get going. Working internationally is also a real enrichment.

Was was the funniest/most beautiful experience at thepublic so far?

Really funny: As the person responsible for New Business, all enquiries about new projects end up on my desk. My highlight: PR for a “medical” treatment that supports a mechanism God has built in: the mechanism not to age.

This is activated by taking supplements. The supposed inevitability of human ageing is an unfounded doctrine! (Oh well…)

Really beautiful: Christmas parties, team events, won pitches – we have many nice experiences.

What is the best food you have enjoyed at the Tuesday team lunchtime so far?

Can I just say all of them? OK, the Schnitzel with fries, after which the agency looked like the kitchen had gone up in flames, was not an explosion in terms of taste, but a spectacle.

What was the funniest reaction to the question “What do you actually do as a PR consultant”?

I explained to my aunt the other day what we do: ‘Ahaaa! That’s actually much more exciting than advertising!‘ But only PR people find that funny.

Early or late riser?

Summer early, winter – late.

Coffee or tea?

As you are not asking me about wine here: rather coffee than tea.

What makes thepublic so special?

Our team has remained loyal to us for a very long time. That is really special for me. For me, thepublic is not just a place to work, but a place where I belong – because of the people.

13. July 2019



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