Meet the team

We are taking you behind the scenes at thepublic. In our “Meet the team” series we will introduce you to our consultants and give you insights into our everyday work.

Moni is the agency’s linguistic talent: our certified translator has been part of thepublic team since 2016. In addition to looking after a number of lifestyle clients, she is also responsible for management projects and keeps a watchful eye on the accounts.

What is the best thing about your job? What do you enjoy most?
The exchange with international contacts on a daily basis. And turning jumbled information into clear messages.

What is the best food you have enjoyed at the Tuesday team lunchtime so far?
Not just one: lemon risotto, summer rolls – and of course the cup-a-soup from a colleague who was still at the beginning of his domestic career.

What was the funniest reaction to the question “What do you actually do as a PR consultant”?
The amazement of some contacts from the public arts sector – about the fact that you can also see creative work quite plainly as a remunerated service.

Early or late riser?
Early to bed, late to rise. It’s the only way.

Coffee or tea?
Both portafilter coffee and builders’ tea – the black tea that you offer when you have builders round the house in the UK.

What makes thepublic so special?
The great variety and high frequency of different topics, the value culture – and of course the smart and very funny team !

1. May 2022



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