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We are taking you behind the scenes at thepublic. In our “Meet the team” series we will introduce you to our consultants and give you insights into our everyday work.

Tini texts. Everything. And has been doing so since 2007.
When we’re not keeping her busy – with machining or wine, building technology or labels, lingerie or protective cases – she writes literary translations from English.

What is the best thing about your job? What do you enjoy most?
thepublic clients from all kinds of sectors and branches. During on-site briefings, for example for user reports, I often have access and insight into areas that “normal people” don’t get to see. When do you ever get to climb into a large metal-cutting machine? Or handle injection molding granules? That’s almost ideal for a curious person like me. And that I’m also allowed to write about it.

What has been the best experience at thepublic so far?
I’m still impressed with how smoothly we, along with our intrepid admin, managed the transition to our #NewWork infrastructure in the cloud and with mobile workstations.
Even though the virus certainly sped things up: It really showed me again how agile we already are and ready to embrace new situations. Even if my account chaos made the poor technical people sweat a bit.

What’s the best meal you’ve had in the cooking group so far?
Phew, it’s hard to say, because the cooking here is really good and often creative. For me, the most impressive was the first risotto that Anka made for us. It was very, very tasty – surprising for me, because until then I was firmly convinced that risotto simply didn’t taste good to me because of the way it was made.

What was the funniest reaction to the question “What do you actually do as a PR writer”?
“Oh, so you have to write the WHOLE day?!?!” Writing really doesn’t seem to be a favorite activity for a lot of people. Fortunately, I really like it.

Early or late riser?
Let’s say: late at the office. Before I go to the agency, I’ve already scanned the daily paper and scanned Twitter to see what’s going on – and drank a cup of Darjeeling.

What makes thepublic so special?
The people who work here – and the way we work together. And the extremely broad portfolio of topics that we successfully handle: I start with metalworking in the morning and my last text of the day is a tasting note for a Champagne.

19. May 2020



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