Meet the team

We are taking you behind the scenes at thepublic. In our “Meet the team” series we will introduce you to our consultants and give you insights into our everyday work.

Jonathan supports the technical team and is at home with protective cases, door systems or chipping, but – typically Panama PR – he also brings in other topics such as wine from time to time. He can also conjure up a great peanut sauce for summer rolls.

What do you enjoy most?
In just over a year of voluntary work at thepublic, I have learned to appreciate the large number of clients and the variety of topics. I learn more every day and grow with the different tasks and challenges. It is a lot of fun to supervise and implement the most diverse projects for our clients.

What has been the best experience at thepublic so far?
Even though I haven’t been part of Panama for that long, I still remember the team evenings with pleasure. One highlight of my “career” so far was certainly the joint New Year’s evening with excellent Italian food.

What is the best food you have enjoyed at the Tuesday team lunchtime so far?
I have already enjoyed some excellent lunches: Both Meike’s onion cake with support from Meike’s mum and Ankas risottos are among my favourites so far.

What was the funniest reaction to the question ‘What do you do as a PR trainee?
“Ah that’s cool! – And what exactly do you do then?” My experience shows that a more in-depth explanation of the profession is often necessary after the initial nodding off.

Early or late riser?
Preferably early – but before 7 it is still a pain.

Coffee or tea?
Neither. I love the smell of coffee but the taste has never convinced me. I only drink tea when I am ill and have to.

What makes thepublic so special?
The team, the atmosphere, the togetherness, the team spirit, the variety and the great working atmosphere!

16. July 2020



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